WhatsApp Chat Lock Update, Lock, Hide Chat, Feature

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At the point when you chat or talk on WhatsApp, you must be afraid some place that no one can see your chat, so for this, you make a lot of effort and put a fingerprint lock lock on your WhatsApp. But now, under the  WhatsApp Chat Lock Update, keeping in mind the privacy of its users, WhatsApp has included very useful and great features. Yes, this is the feature where users can now lock their single chat. In this new update Lock WhatsApp Chat no one can see your chat. You can easily lock and hide your chat.

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 WhatsApp Chat Lock Update, Lock, Hide Chat, Feature

    What is WhatsApp Chat Lock Feature?

    So we should realize which component has been added by WhatsApp under Lock WhatsApp Chat Update. So you must read this post till the end. We are talking about a new feature that has been announced on WhatsApp.This new WhatsApp feature allows users to select both personal and group chats that they wish to keep a secret or hidden. The company has launched this feature globally. 

    According to the WhatsApp blog Locking a chat takes that thread out of the inbox and puts it behind its own folder that can only be accessed with your device password or biometric, like a fingerprint. It also automatically hides the contents of that chat in notifications.

    This feature adds an addition to WhatsApp’s already secured platform that offers the options to archive chats, end-to-end encryption, encrypted backup, disappearing messages, screenshot blocking, and other privacy features. 

    Chat lock WhatsApp in India

    According to the information given by WhatsApp, this feature has been rolled out for all users; that is, now any person using WhatsApp will be able to easily lock any group or individual chat with the help of this WhatsApp Chat Lock Update.That implies nobody other than you will actually want to open these chats. For this, you can also use the biometric lock or PIN on your device. 

    Under the Chat Lock feature on WhatsApp in India, if any chat is locked by you, then that conversation on WhatsApp gets automatically hidden from the chat notification. Chat lock on WhatsApp in India will be available soon for all WhatsApp users; if this feature is still not on your phone, then you will have to update your WhatsApp.

    Whatsapp Chat Lock Feature How to Use

    • First of all, you have to download the latest version of WhatsApp from play store or apple store you have to update your WhatsApp.
    • After that, you can lock whatever you want by going to your personal chat.
    • To get the WhatsApp Chat Lock Update, first of all, you have to click on the profile photo of the chat or WhatsApp group. 
    • As soon as you click, you will see the option of Chat Lock. 
    • You will have to use the phone’s password or biometrics to log in by setting up your chat lock. 

    To view the locked chats here are the steps: 

    • Go to chats and Swipe down slowly. 
    • Tap the folder labeled “Locked Chats”
    • Provide your biometric authentication- FaceID or Fingerprint to unlock.
    • Tap the chat to view or send message.

    Where is the Chat Lock folder?

    The Chat Lock folder is located on the top of the WhatsApp app and one just needs to slowly pull down the inbox to find it. You can then enter your phone password or biometric to access locked chats.

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