Range Rover Price In India


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Range Rover Price In India

Range Rover came to India in 2008 however the English vehicle maker is known as the one of the greatest in the world. Yes I am talking about Range Rover. The Land Rover the perhaps of the most popular and most well known name in the SUV market and most famous in India and all over the world. The Range Rover is very expensive and it is available at all prices up to 71 lakh to crore rupees. In this post we are going to talk about a range rover price in India, what are all the models of range rovers in India, what are the prices of range rover models in India, and in the advert showroom you can purchase the Range Rover at a cheap price. 

Range Rover Price In India

To know all about Range Rover prices in India stay with us. Range Rover is one of the top brand companies in India and their premium SUVs offer high-end specifications. The top features which make this car attractive and extremely gorgeous looking for a spacious vehicle. This is one of the most domestic cars which is included with one of the most powerful engines. This is the world’s most powerful engine car which climbs in the mountain at a 45° angle.

Range Rover India

The range Rover India price is given below. You can see the Range Rover India petrol price or the Range Rover India diesel price. All the models of range Rover with the price and features are given below.

Land Rover Range Rover Petrol Variants Price in India

  • Land Rover Range Rover SV Autobiography Dynamic 7.8kmpl, Petrol, 4999cc-  2,79,00,000 Ex-showroom Price (New Delhi)
  • Land Rover Range Rover 5.0 Autobiography-  Petrol, 4999cc 3,43,88,000 Ex-showroom Price (New Delhi)

Land Rover Range Rover Diesel Variants Price in India

  • Land Rover Range Rover HSE, Diesel, 2993cc, 1,44,50,137
  • Land Rover Range Rover 4.4 Autobiography- Diesel, 4367cc, 2,18,89,00
  • Land Rover Range Rover Vogue, Diesel, 2993cc, 1,58,65,000  Ex-showroom Price (Mumbai)
  • Land Rover Range Rover Vogue SE, Diesel, 4367cc- 1,88,20,000 Ex-showroom Price (New Delhi)

Range Rover Owner

The Range Rover owner is Tata motors. The Land Rover is now owned by Indian auto manufacturing company Tata motors. So the owner of the Range Rover owner is the Tata company. This is part of the Tata group. So here you see the price of a Range Rover in India with the different locations. The various features and model of a range rover and their prices are given in the above so you can also check these features according to the cars. So this is all about range Rover price in India.


The prices of Range Rover vehicles can vary depending on the model, variant, features, and any additional customization options. It's best to check with authorized Range Rover dealerships or visit the official Range Rover India website for the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information.

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